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John Matousek

John Matousek has been practicing criminal law for over 35 years. His unique perspective is the result from having been the Monroe County District Attorney for ten years.  His last 22 years have focused exclusively on providing the highest quality in criminal defense.


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Attorney Matousek has developed a state wide reputation for successfully representing clients in the most complex cases, including homicide, attempted homicide, sexual assault, drug distribution, racketeering and arson.


Attorney Matousek has been awarded the Martin J. Hanson Advocates Prize, recognizing his skill gaining an acquittal in a 1st degree Intentional Homicide trial. He also received high praise from the national media when he defended an attempted homicide case which was broadcasted on COURT TV. He successfully defended a police chief in this high profile case and  his client was acquitted of all charges by a jury of his peers.


Attorney Matousek has had great success in criminal misdemeanors and hundreds of OWI cases. Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers from all over Wisconsin have hired him in order to save their CDL’s. Whether by jury acquittals, suppression motions, or negotiated amendments, he has kept many drivers employed and providing for their families.

John Matousek has been practicing criminal law for over 30 years. His unique perspective is the result from having been the Monroe County District Attorney for ten years.  His last 18 years have focused exclusively on providing the highest quality in criminal defense.

"John is the best criminal attorney I’ve ever seen. This is someone you need when the going gets tough. This man is amazing. He saved my life. If possible, retain him in advance just for advice. He truly is the best."

A. Baker

"I recently had the pleasure of having John represent me on a criminal case.  I really felt that John truly cared about me and my case.  I know without a doubt that he put everything into making sure that my legal rights were upheld and my case was resolved in a manner that was acceptable to me. John was always available to answer my questions, take my calls, and discuss my case with me.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney that truly cares about them as an individual, but is also capable of getting the outcome that they deserve." 


"I am a recently retired combat vet that had complications with medications issued through the VA. During the summer of 2014 these complications got me into trouble with local law enforcement for a disorderly conduct charge.


I met John through a family member and he assured me he would do his best to resolve the issue, I could clearly tell John was a man of great character and had both my family and my best interests at heart. During the same summer (not long after the first incident), I was pulled over and charged with an OWI.


John again assured me he would take care of me and not to worry and he worked to take care of the issue right away. My main concern was my ability to continue to file for my FFL and purchase firearms; John made sure none of these things would be affected and again assured me everything would turn out fine.  


John Matousek is a man of his word!  His unwavering  confidence, integrity, and positive attitude made both my family and I feel comfortable through our time of need and the tiring and stressful process of dealing with the court. After John had invested all his time and effort to help my family and I; he thanked me for my military service and told me everything was free of charge.


That is the type of man that John Matousek is, and my family and I couldn't be more grateful to him and his law offices for their services. I would recommend John to anyone and everybody; this man is a true patriot that truly cares about his clients and their best interests.

Kevin H.

"My experience with John was great!  Seemed like he already knew what to do and how to act next with what curves were threw at us!  I would recommend him to anyone!"

T. W.

"I truly believe that John is the best lawyer I’ve ever known or heard of.  He has helped me tremendously in three separate situations and each time I could not have been happier with his work. I do not believe that there is a lawyer better than him out there and I would recommend him to anyone in need of representation."

M. Popp

"Not only is John a great lawyer, he is an even better human being. He gets to know you as a person before you become a client. He is also one of the most honest people I have ever dealt with. I would recommend him 100 times over."


"I personally used Mr. Matousek's services in 2011 for representation in the second of two court cases.  Mr. Matousek was honest, upfront and very knowledgeable of Wisconsin's laws.  He treated me with the utmost respect and ensured I understood everything regarding my case.  


Mr. Matousek went above and beyond his contracted services to ensure I was able to be as successful as possible after closure of my case.  He personally wrote a letter on my behalf to clarify my convictions to potential employers.  


Mr. Matousek also made several contacts to a licensing board that was required of me to reinstate my professional license as well as provided me with a name of a professional psychologist for Ethics and Boundary training.


To date, we remain in contact if I need him to update letters and to extend my appreciation for his personal attention to my case.  


My only regret is that I did not seek his services sooner as the results of my 2 cases would have been more promising.  I would highly recommend his services to potential seekers of a criminal attorney."


"When we encountered the serious legal issues that we did, the stress of the situation became almost unbearable and very debilitating. John was very compassionate and a great listener. He was kind,  ethical, and gave very good counsel in and out of court. John's assistants were professional as well. They were understanding, patient, and followed through with returning phone calls, delivering messages, etc. in a timely manner. The end result was an answer to prayer. We are very thankful to John and his exceptional staff!"

M. H.

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